A new academic paper discusses how Shitty Media Men impact non-male freelance workers.

Paul Keller

Last October, I drank my morning coffee while skimming through several Facebook posts about a list—or “the list” as my writer’s groups referred to it—asking where to fit it.

“The list” was the Shitty Media Men list, created by (at the time, anonymously, but identified herself in a New York…

Floral Deco/Shutterstock

This post originally appeared on BusinessNewsDaily on February 2, 2017.

When you’re a freelancer, you’re also running a small business. Being self-employed inevitably makes tax season complicated. That’s why many freelancers have chosen to establish their own businesses legally.

There are three types of business structures most freelancers register under…

Adryan Corcione

freelance drug journalist / adryancorcione.com

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